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About Clayat

The Clayat brand is inspired by nature, which has been spinning its own wheel of beauty. When I first started taking ceramic classes, I would have never thought that my love for pottery would become this strong. A door opened, allowing me to tap into my ancestral Palestinian heritage of potters and crafters. Truth be told, fell in love with it! Ceramics became my therapy and as the years went on, it started to truly become what I was destined to do.

The purpose of Clayat is to be in touch with nature. I am passionate about using art to spread awareness so that we may all work together to create a sustainable and vibrant future. From cup to vase, I am determined to provide you with the highest quality functional and handmade products, which will last a lifetime.

Using art to transform and enhance life for all. By crafting pieces inspired by the beauty of Earth, my mission is to help create a more sustainable environment through education and awareness. My focus is to capture the essence of nature, with the touch of my vision to life. By tapping into the natural world, we can learn to create abundance for ourselves and all others. Connecting with our Earth allows us to harness the love within, multiplying compassion and harmony. Together, let us create a world where life, art, and our environment are one. 

For every piece I craft, one tree will be planted.